Our Infrastructure

We at MSS Agro have constructed a world class food facility with delivery, production and storage areas equipped with modern technological equipment for selection, production and packaging of products. Our unit is fully-equipped with essential tools and equipments required for different sub-processes like chopping, mincing, grinding and among others. We have designed the manufacturing unit to be in compliance with regulatory food safety norms. This factor carry significant role in executing successful business for us and our customers too.

Our manufacturing process is built with world class technologies and Total Quality Management (TQM) fundamentals to achieve optimum combination of taste, aroma and quality in our products.

Infrastructure and Process Highlights
  • mssagro bin dryer
    • Multi Stage Dehydration ProcessContinuous and Bin Dryers
    • We use a multi stage dehydration process using continuous feed belt dryer followed by bin drying for uniform moisture content.
  • mssagro product check
    • Storage AreaSafe and Hygienic Products
    • We regularly monitor and control the humidity and temperature of storage area to ensure long product life.
  • mssagro quality check
    • Quality ChecksSuperior Product Quality
    • We regularly conduct moisture and temperature analysis of dehydrated products during processing to safeguard best product attributes.
  • mssagro raw material check
    • Raw Material Pre-checkBest raw materials
    • We conduct proper checking and testing of stored raw materials before processing for dehydration.
  • MT safeline
    • Safeline Metal DetectionNo Metallic Contaminates
    • Our Safeline metal detection equipment detects and eliminates both magnetic and non-magnetic impurities in the final product.
  • mssagro lab
    • In-house LaboratorySafe and Hygienic Products
    • Our experienced staff tests all outgoing batches for microbiological and chemical contamination to ensure product quality compliance.

We are firm believer in the japanese philosophy of 'Kaizen' or focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management. By improving standardised activities and processes, we aim to eliminate waste in pursuit of operational excellence.