Quality Assurance

We at MSS Agro are guided by a set of strict set of quality control policy in pursuit of our goal to supply safe and hygienic food to our clients. All our products are scrutinised and tested at every stage of production process.

Our entire monitoring process is documented as per the ISO and HACCP standards. We rigorously maintain appropriate standards of sanitation and personal hygiene, complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, as part of our commitment to supply safe and hygienic food to our customer.

Our Quality Control Processes
  • Procurement

    We believe quality process begins from procurement of raw material, therefore our highly experienced management team is directly involved in this process.

  • Raw Material Handling

    Before processing we carefully inspect and sort the raw material to remove any defective samples.

  • Dehydration Process

    In our carefully calibrated dehydration process, we monitor and maintain optimum dehydration temperature to ensures maximum retention of flavour, aroma, colour and taste. Our metal detectors identifies and rejects products with not only magnetic but all metallic impurities such as stainless steel, copper or aluminium if present.

  • Lab Testing

    We conduct moisture analysis of multiple samples in every batch to ensure uniform moisture content in the all dehydrated products. Further, every batch is laboratory tested ensuring that the product is free from Microbiological and Chemical residues.

  • Storage

    We store all dehydrated products like ginger, garlic and green chilli in a cold storage area where the humidity and temperature levels are constantly observed and maintained.

  • Traceability

    We have elaborate marking, labelling and recording systems to make sure that complete traceability of each and every bag of dehydrated product is possible.

Quality is our source of inspiration, satisfaction and pride. We have designed every part of production process, from using the best quality raw material for dehydration to diligent checking of dehydrated products at every stage by experienced quality assurance personnel, in order to ensure that we provide superior quality products to our customers.

Our Certifications
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